Claudia Sahm

Sahm Consulting

At Sahm Consulting, I offer data-driven, independent analysis for fund managers, executives, and local business groups on the macro­economic outlook and the Fed and fiscal policy. Learn more.


Bespoke analysis on a range of topics and depth.
Investor Talks & Calls
Talks on client-driven topics with original empirical analysis, research, and policy insights.
Public Speaking
Keynote speaker or panelist for various audiences.
Media Engagement
Interviews on TV and in print across media outlets.
Opinion Writing
Writing on timely economic and policy topics in a distinct voice.


Bespoke macroeconomic analysis

Custom, timely research geared to investors.

Academic-style and policy papers

Longer-form, in-depth papers.

Investor Talks

The Wild Ride is Not Over: When Will the Fed Cut and Does It Matter?

Business talk & government staff

Can the Fed bring inflation down alone?

Business association talk and a university event

Macroeconomic Outlook: Signs of Relief on the Horizon

Board of Directors meeting and investor calls